Cartata di resche - UIFPW08

venerdì 12 giugno 2020

Thank you for the offer but i'm really not feeling like talking at all today was the summer of 2008. A solid, genuine.. real, love. We were kids in the same neighborhood, leaning on eachother for the warmth that our reality lacked. On this day, that day.. he found out his cancer would be the end of our story. His sweet and bitter goodbye was something my child self wouldn’t have understood.. until now. This song will always make me remember the days we spent on the hot grain every other day, laughing.. and loving eachother. The real love that awakened every gale. Every insignificant argument. and every ignition of spark in our souls. The love we will meet again in every realm.. every life after this. Heaven is a lucky one, thank you for the offer but i'm really not feeling  like talking at all today.. I miss you so.

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